Penis Enlargement Procedures And Medicines: Do They Work?

The perennial anxiety and discomfort so many men all over the globe possess when it comes to their penile sizes has birthed an industry worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and one that only keeps growing with frightful speed. The industry, which offers all types and forms of penis lengthening and thickening tips and drugs, and the occasional surgery, has grown from strength to strength in recent times. While a vast population if men all over the world fret about small penis sizes, most of this lot actually has normal sized penises, and their fears only come about as a result of an overall poor image of themselves. They then project this poor image to the size of their private organs and as such, contribute to the growth of the penis enlargement industry. There are a variety of ways and medicines marketed by this vast industry that promise enlarged penises, some of which have shown great ability to lengthen the male penis. It all lies in the user's preference, as to what procedures and drugs to follow and imbibe respectively.

There is an assortment of pills and lotions tailored specifically for men who crave for enlarged penises. The products come loaded with minerals, vitamins, herbal elements, and even hormones. While some of these have had significant results, there have been harmful elements and traces of lead metal and pesticide traces found in them. Pills are the most suspect types of medicines in the penis enlargement sector. They have not had the most impactful results for most of the people who have used them. A popular line sold by critics of the same, is that if pills indeed had the capacity to elongate and thicken the penis, they would be on chemists' shelves everywhere in the world. Lotions on the other hand make many men who use them a lot more familiar with their penises.

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Familiarity with their private organ is something that strikes many men as odd, and as such, they may deliberately avoid it, taking in only a few eyefuls of their penises every now and then when they urinate. Lotions thus may make men feel more comfortable with their penises, but actually influencing penile growth is a different thing altogether. Vacuum devices have also been employed by men as an alternative to aid their penises grow in size. This is how they work: The vacuum devices suck air out of the penis, prompting blood to flow into the vacuum that is left. They have been used as a temporary cure for impotence in men. The "but" factor about these instruments though, is that it is not proven if they do provide a long term size upping.

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Penile extenders are perhaps the simplest of all means approached to gain penile size and promote penis enlargement. Basically, a weighted object is bound to the penis and allowed to hang. Prolonged use of penile extenders has had very convincing results for some of the men who have used them, especially men of smaller statures. Size gains of up to two centimeters have been recorded after the usage time periods of up to six weeks. However, it still is not clear if they can work for men of all sizes. Penis surgery is the most drastic procedure undergone by men looking for the "perfect" penis. Medical doctors recommend it only for those with severely short penis sizes, or those with medical conditions.

Penis enlargement medicines and procedures have been praised and shunned alike. The line dividing effectiveness and mere time wasting are blurred and shifty, which is a blessing to drug manufacturers. As long as the debates remain, the companies will always be able to make and market new products, all bearing the promise of the perfect penis.